[ Frank Genius Killer Disco ]

Composed and produced in 1990 via computer algorithms written in Dave Anderson’s & Ron Kuivila’s FORMULA (FOrth MUsical LAnguage), except organ solo on ‘Elvis’ (opus 128), which was improvised and played by hand. ‘Devil A’ (126) contains samples by Elvis Presley, Charles, Prince of Wales, and a beat sample off a San Francisco FM radio station. ‘Oh Lord God’ (opus 127) contains samples by Harold Camping (off FM radio) and the band Who (off FM radio). ‘Elvis’ (opus 128) contains samples from a BBC broadcast (off a VHS tape) and from an Elvis Presley ‘Greatest Hits’ Compact Disc. ‘Lost Love’ (opus 129) contains samples from Richard Wagner (Ring without Words, CD) and Claude Debussy (Prodigal Son, CD). The memory in the Atari ST computer was 1 MB and the memory in the Yamaha TX16W sampler was 1.5 MB. All data was stored to floppy discs, which can be examined at the Lodge For Utopian Science in View Park, Calif.

Title: Killer Disco
Sound Artist: Frank Genius
Visual Artist: Unknown Photographer
Holger Rothkamm
Label: Kult Productions
Length: 13:33 (813s)
Composed: 1990
Location: San Francisco
Instruments: Casio MT-540
Atari ST
Yamaha FB01
Yamaha TX16W
Yamaha TX81Z
Release Date: 2/1/1991
Edition Size: 50
Format: Cassette