[ Frank Rothkamm The Fusion Fantastic ]

Fusion is fantastic because you always want the best of all worlds. If you don't simply add 2 and 2 together but fuse them in some fashion, the result is larger than the sum of its parts. Not only in the kitchen, but in all aspects of life. That's why America is so great, again, because it is the world's melting pot. No matter what it is, its identity will be dissolved and simply used as one ingredient among others for that great chicken soup for the soul. Some call this chicken soup big business. They are obviously money-oriented. Others pay closer attention to the finer things in life. This is where fusion really shines. With each attempt it creates something new, apparently belonging nowhere and escaping any existing classification scheme. This can be liberating: for a thing to be neither black nor white nor yellow but something for which we don't yet have a name. This experience is The Fusion Fantastic.

Catalog No: FLX52.405
Title: The Fusion Fantastic
Sound Artist: Frank Rothkamm
Visual Artist: George Stubbs
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Holger Rothkamm
Label: Flux Records
Length: 46:20 (2780s)
Composed: 1991-1999
Location: San Francisco
New York
Instruments: Roland Juno 106
Casio MT-540
Kurzweil K2000
Yamaha FB01
Yamaha TX16W
Roland TR707
Yamaha TX81Z
Release Date: 3/13/2016
Format: Digital
File Under: Techno Rare Groove Trance House Prog Free Jazz